Greater Awareness Energy Medicine

The energy to heal is already within you.


Sessions available in person in Northern & Southern Ca., by Skype and phone. Sessions are customized to each clients needs at that particular point in time.  Please call for session estimate depending on travel involved and number of sessions.

Annemarie Gallup, owner and CECP is dedicated to achieving balance and teaching daily tools to combat life's challenges. I have been licensed in healthcare for 28 years from working in an operating room for 22 years , EMT for 14 years to RDA in pediatrics/ general practice for 28 years. I was introduced to Neuro Emotional Therapy benefits first hand when my daughter had a concussion that didn't improve for 6 months while other athletic teens returned to their sports within 4 weeks. I saw this method again when I starting working in a holistic health care setting and knew this is my next passion. NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) reestablishes the body/ brain connection and releases the negative vibrations that traumatic events cause. I combine all my knowledge and experience to achieve the best immediate result for my client.  Learn how to set your daily vibration level, release specific energetic blocks & clients learn how to maintain their own energetic health. 

Achieve personal peace with yourself and overcome repeated negative patterns that can be inherited..

Ever wonder why you do or think a certain way?  Have unexplained similar physical ailments as your family members ?  

I recently treated cousins with the same physical complaint who shared the same inherited imbalance two weeks apart, their mothers are sisters!

What is subconscious healing?  Our subconscious is always turned on, subconscious healing re patterns the brain to maximize positive thought pathways.

Reach inner freedom from past experiences that held you back from success and health!

NET (Neuro Emotional Therapy) frees us from the past events that hold us back in life. Move forward from traumatic experiences confidently and successfully.

The following are examples of recent discomforts I have successfully treated:improved the quality of life for those contemplating suicide, infertility issues, postpartum depression and traumatic "C" section issues, anxiety, sleep disruption, fatigue, addiction tendencies, musculo skeletal injuries, dental pain, anger management, premature hair loss,sudden onset of vomiting, grief processing, eating disorders, abandonment and loss, victims of violent crime such as rape, inherited imbalances, fear, smoking cessation, constipation, PTSD and post concussion syndrome, coffee addiction, 

Annemarie has had a profound impact on my life and family; she is a wise direct and powerful healer, I highly recommend working with her.

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I didn't know you do it from a distance. I haven't had pain since the session so it is very possible that your energy work helped!

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My back and neck feel pretty good today...I was super energized for my run this morning.

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Pets are very receptive to vibrational work and some are my BEST clients!  Great for aggressive behavior, potty/ litter box training, food sensitivities and separation anxiety.